Why choosing Poe-tree is beneficial for the environment

How our actions help in protecting and preserving our environment

We do not use fertilisers and/or pesticides thus reducing harmful chemicals that may pollute our soil, air and water.


  • Land: We protect the soil from erosion by keeping our field covered with other plants.

  • Water: We let nature take care of watering our trees. Apart from the rainfall we do not water the olive trees.

  • Air: We do not burn the olive branches that result from pruning. Instead we shred them and distribute them in our field to nourish the soil.

  • Energy: The olives are picked by hand.

  • Olive Oil waste and energy efficiency:We produce our olive oil in a 2-stage mill which produces smaller quantities of waste and is more energy efficient.

  • Packaging:
    • We use recyclable materials for our packaging. The paper used in our packaging is FSC certified.

    • We take responsibility for the disposal of our packaging. We have joined an Extended Producer Responsibility program to pay for the recycling cost of all our packaging material.