Exceptional quality of Poe-tree Premium Organic Extra Vergin Olive Oil

Organic certification:
The natural taste of organic products that are grown as nature intended.

Extra Virgin:
Highest quality olive oil with acidity below 0.4% when it is produced, no defects and the natural inspiring taste of olive oil.

Same day pressing:
Olives are pressed within 24 hours of picking to ensure that the organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil remain intact.

We do not filter our olive oil so that it keeps all valuable ingredients and offers a better taste.

Cold pressed:
The olives are processed at below 27ÂșC to ensure that the olive oil maintains all its important nutritional elements.

Holographic seal with unique Serial Number:
The bottle and the box have matching serial numbers that allow you to know all the details of your olive oil. From the field to your table, you can find this information by logging in to our members area with your serial number.