Corporate Citizenship

We believe that every brand has a responsibility to improve the quality of people’s lives and to contribute to the welfare of our society. As our business grows, so does our responsibility. Our commitment, to sustainable development and to socially responsible practices, is not just a promise. It guides our actions and is fundamental part of who we are.

To us, sustainability means that we create economic value for us and our partners, but that we also create positive value for our environment and our society. Our initiatives are focused on:

Our community

  • We support our community by creating jobs and by supporting local producers to adopt sustainable cultivation practices.

Children's health

  • We plan to support causes that promote healthy eating for children in Greece and in local markets.

Advocating change in production practices

  • We plan to embark on a campaign advocating the elimination of 3-stage mills and their replacement with 2-stage mills that consume less energy and produce less harmful waste.

We have a variety of activities planned, so please visit us frequently to find out about our initiatives or register so we can update you.