Knowing where and how Poe-tree was made

EU Organic Logo Colour RgbGreen leaf logo.
This is the European Union logo that certifies organic products. The EU organic farming logo offers consumers’ confidence about the origins and qualities of their food and drink and its presence on any product ensures compliance with the EU organic farming Regulation.

It also ensures you, that every part of the chain, from the field to the retail shop, is certified organic and adheres to the strict conditions of organic farming.

SnSecurity hologram with unique serial number
Having all the information about the oil you purchase is very important to us. The serial number allows you to know where and when the oil was produced, bottled and sold. It also allows you to register to our members area and receive our inspiring recipes, special offers, test new products and receive news about your favorite oil.


QR341 H 3 2QR code that directs you to a microsite with all details of the olive oil.
Even before you purchase Poe-tree Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you can have all the information at your fingertips. Just scan the QR code with your smartphone and see when and where it was produced, the chemical analysis, and the organic farming certificates.