Harvesting and pressing the olives

Early harvest for better quality olive oil
We pick the olives early when they are still green just as some olives are starting to show signs of purple. Depending on the weather conditions harvesting takes place in early December.

The olives are picked by hand. We lay the nets by hand under every 3 or 4 olive trees that will be harvested. The initial pruning takes place at this stage. The branches that are full with olives will never bear fruit again so they are cut. The rest of the olives are combed from the tree, collected in the nets and placed in wool sacks to be transported to the mill.

Making the olive oil:
Same day pressing is essential for the oil's exceptional quality

Pressing the olives within 24 hours of picking ensures its high quality and maintains nutrients and flavour. Olives that are stored will "go bad". Fermentation will start as the olives are pressed together, and the olive oil produced will have higher acidity and compromised taste.

So we have chosen to work with an olive oil mill that is 5km from our land because:

  • We minimise transportation time and Co2 emission from the transportation vehicles.
  • The olive oil mill is certified organic, as is required for organic products
  • It is a 2-stage mill which produces higher quality oil, consumes less energy and produces less waste.

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