Caring for the olive trees


Pest control
As with fertilisers, we do not use any synthetic pesticides. We want to be sure that the olive oil you and our kids consume is healthy and natural.

We protect our olives from harmful insects by:

  • “Beneficial” Insects: The natural and healthy ecosystem of our grove has allowed the development of the natural predators for the harmful insects. So we let nature take over to protect the olives.
  • Traps for the olive oil fly: We monitor closely the population of the “olive oil fly”, and when necessary we deploy traps across our field to protect our trees. The trap is a plastic container with small holes on the top which is filled with water and natural yeast. This attracts and traps the flies, so there is no need for any chemicals. Again, natural solution with a small help from us.

Fungus and bacteria.
Dealing with nature can be challenging.Weather conditions may allow for the development of fungus and other bacteria that can infect the olive tree and reduce the production of olives. Again, we do not use any synthetic chemicals. We spray the trees with a copper solution that helps the tree to heal its wounds and combats fungus and bacteria. Copper is a natural mineral, and it is approved by the Regulating Authorities.

Natural vegetation grows in the field. It is not harmful, but competes with the olive trees for water and nutrients especially in the dry months. At the end of April, beginning of May, we shred the weeds and allow for the debris to remain on the ground. This works as an insulator for the much needed moist during the summer months and adds nutrients to the soil. It also protects the top soil from erosion, which is the main reason why we do not  plough our field.

Water preservation
We do not water our trees and let nature take care of them through rainfalls. Apart from keeping our waters clean of pesticides and fertilisers, we must ensure that we make efficient use of our scarce water resources.

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