Producers of extra virgin olive oil for 80 years

Our family has been producing extra virgin olive oil for more than 3 generations from the same fields in Messinia. Our long tradition of caring for our nature and our olive trees and producing exceptional quality olive oil has been passed on to us from our great grandparents and is an integral part of our heritage.

Our olive oil is produced from the same family owned trees that were planted on our fields by our great grandfather Dionysis Michalarakos, from the early 1900s until about the 1930s. Since 2003 our olive oil is certified organic, but we have always been cultivating the olive trees without the use of any fertilisers and pesticides and in for a more natural and healthier olive oil.

The recent economic crisis in our country and the hardship that we and other Greek people are experiencing inspired us. We wanted to take the fruit of our land and instead of selling it to wholesalers, to turn it into a business that would allow us to support our community and ourselves. Support, that extends beyond the need to create jobs, and into the necessity to support those in need.

Inspirational Foods is the distribution company that we have established to sell the highest quality Greek natural and organic products to customers across the globe.

Our first brand is Poe-tree Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Poe-tree is our creation. Our inspiration, tradition and history in a bottle. Inspiration that comes from our nature, the health of our family and our children, and the need to live healthier and more meaningful lives.

We hope that our Poe-tree can add some small drops of inspiration to your life.

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