Product Description

OLIVES Fin Copy 2Poe-tree organic Kalamata olives come from small producers in the Messinia area in Southern Peloponnese. They are almond-shaped and their color ranges from purple to black depending on their exposure to the sun. They have a firm and meaty flesh and a fruity flavor which tastes great when eaten raw with a salad or some fresh bread, or cooked with vegetables or meat.

Poe-tree olives are hand-picked and left to debitter with the help of salty water and time… No chemicals or artificial ingredients are being used to speed up the process, so the olives need to stay in the salty water for 3 to 4 months. This traditional and natural process ensures that olives maintain their valuable nutrients and have an intense and rich flavor.

The cured olives are then packaged in a home made brine, with organic honey and vinegar from small Greek producers and a gentle addition of herbs.

Enjoy Poe-tree olives all day as a healthy snack, accompany a fresh salad for a light lunch, or cook them with some meat or vegetables  for a tasteful and healthy meal.

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