Doing the right thing

Peace of mind
Organic product must adhere to strict production requirements. Every part of the process from the field to the shelve of your favourite store must be certified organic. Organic production offers you the guarantee that all enterprises in the organic sector are regularly inspected by authorities.

The requirements are set by the European Union and are uniform across EU. Every product that carries the “green leaf” logo is produced, processed and distributed to ensure that it is healthy, natural and authentic.

Protecting your health and your children’s health
“Preschool children are particularly vulnerable to compounds linked to cancer and other conditions”, was the conclusion of a recent study by researchers at US Davis and UCLA. <click here for the study>

Organic products are produced without synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and are free of GMOs, so you can be confident that you are providing your family the healthy choice.

Eating tastier products
There is no scientific evidence to prove that organic products taste better, but common sense prevails. Products that are grown naturally respecting the normal growth cycle of the plants allow the fruits to fully develop their nutritional elements and we believe they taste natural and authentic.